Zoom Review

I’m about to introduce you to a movie containing big boobs, sex dolls, penises, coke, Lesbian adventure, meaningless sex and the strangest narrative in the universe that will just make you wonder why on Earth you just spent an hour and a half on nothing. But it’s my own fault really – I went through the cast and saw that Gael García Bernal was in it and I immediately assumed that he would nail that shit like he does in, well, whatever he is in. So I had to watch it because, if someday I meet Gael in the warm streets of Guadalajara, I will be able to actually say “I have seen everything you starred in”AND I will add “but Zoom sucked”.

Okay, let’s not forget that this movie is not only about the cast, although the cast is great! Apart from the aforementioned, we have Alison Pill, Beverly Hills 90210’s Jason Priestley, Tyler Labine, and Mariana Ximenes who I know from the Brazilian mini series A Casa Das Sete Mulheres. Zoom is a movie with three interconnected stories (YAY – flashback to Amores Perros, Babel and many other great movies) where the main character is Emma who works at a sex doll factory with her booty call Bob who makes Emma insecure, which leads to a massive boob job. The second story is an animated story created by Emma in which Eddie is the main character. He is a film director and a ladies’ man, and, in Emma’s fantasy, HER ladies’ man. The last story is the story about the Brazilian model Michelle who is dating Dale. Michelle is spending a lot of time on a novel she is writing but her boyfriend doesn’t support her enough. Since Emma created Eddie, she controls him, while Eddie controls Michelle because it turns out that the movie he is directing is actually Michelle’s story (which is not animated). And the novel Michelle is writing is Emma’s story.

The idea is not that bad! It plays with your mind and it makes you think but despite the good idea and the good actors, it is written so badly and it is kind of exaggerated, which makes it seem extremely low quality. The movie goes ok-ish but then, suddenly, Emma and Bob are dealing cocaine and get into huge trouble – totally uncalled for. Besides, I hate how exaggeratedly fake Emma’s new boobs look, which makes me think that they could have spent a bit more money on making them resemble real human body parts. I am not sure what I think about the rotoscoping of one of the stories – it’s certainly not something you see in many movies. At the beginning, it felt odd but you get used to it.

Zoom has some humor but all in all, it is not my cup of tea. I don’t get the overall purpose and objective of the movie. While I like the idea, I don’t believe it was implemented well. The actors do a great job with their respective parts and I think Alison Pill’s talent is highly underrated (and she looks totally like Kristen Bell) and I hope to see her in more movies in the future. If you want to watch something very different from your typical drama, you can easily give Zoom a chance. Also, if someone who has seen this movie can tell me why it is called Zoom, it would be very appreciated, as I was thinking about it while watching it but I couldn’t really figure it out. Despite its solid 6.3 rating on IMDb, I will only give Zoom 1 out of 5 clapperboards because these reviews are based on personal preferences and opinions, and I simply did not see any purpose with this movie that could have been a good one.


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