Reviewing Lights Out

In the middle of my Mozart in the Jungle binge watching (season 3 is out!), I do find the time to watch lame horror movies because I recently realized that I love them. Maybe I’ve become more immune towards horror movies or the majority are just bad. God knows. Anyway, I watched Lights Out a few days ago and it’s exactly what I expected it do be – stupid and just full of jump scares. And here’s the absolute scariest thing about this: Lights Out is produced by James Wan, the man behind The Conjuring movies.

This 6.4 rating horror movie is about Rebecca who helps her younger brother Martin when he experiences the same events she experienced when she was younger. She decides to face the truth behind the entity that is haunting her and her family, which turns out to be very attached to the mother Sophie. As I’m writing this, the plot sounds petrifying, right? What’s not to like? And I have to say that the fact that this entity can only be seen in the darkness is creepy and creative, but I feel that something is missing. The creepy entity – that by the way murdered Rebecca’s stepdad too – turns out to be the mother’s semi-imaginary friend from the time when she was institutionalized due to severe depression. But here is the thing about this Diana girl who is haunting and killing people; one moment she disappears as soon as the light is turned on, and moments later, she doesn’t disappear but burns Buffy the Vampire Slayer style. And one moment she needs someone to open the door for her and afterwards she teleports herself around the house.

In other demonic horrors, the evil entities have a purpose – they usually want someone’s soul, whereas our delightful Diana is just being a douchebag, harassing a family for no reason. And I do understand that she needs Sophia to stay depressed in order to survive but why would she haunt the children and make them move in with Sophia, which makes her (Sophia) happier? UGH, Diana, FFS! And don’t get me started on the characters being so stupid and turning off the lights or walking around the house exploring a creepy creature… yeah, like that would happen. Lights Out also has a million jump scares that are so painfully predictable that I could tell every.single.time when to expect this overused element that only added more “meh”-moments to this 81-minute-long yawn fest.

After watching A LOT (and I stress this) of horror flicks, I can honestly say that Lights Out is one of the most boring horror movies I’ve seen. The producers are milking this weird concept of how dark depression is and how it affects the family (if that’s the point) with this Diana creature who is just a murderous murder/ghost/demon/douchebag. And man, James Wan is the mastermind behind this sh*t! Normally, I’m a huge fan because he managed to scar me for life with his Conjuring movies, but this movie is just senseless, boring, bad, and a waste of time. However, the casting is nice and a big shout out to Teresa Palmer who is a beaut and does a great job alongside Alexander DiPersia and Gabriel Bateman. Lights Out will get one out of five clapperboards from me despite popular opinion, as it didn’t do anything for me and was merely a disappointment.


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