Old But Gold: Y Tu Mamá También

Today I felt like watching a movie in honor of Diego Luna who is currently a big deal in Rogue One alongside Felicity Jones, which made me realize how damn proud I am of him. As you might know, Gael García Bernal is one of my favorite actors, and Diego Luna is most definitely an actor who has grown on me – especially after The Terminal and, although I’m not Mexican, I feel immensely proud of both of them for what they’ve achieved since today’s movie Y Tu Mamá También. Gael is the lead in a very popular Amazon Prime series, while Diego Luna is in a Star Wars movie (and in a Katy Perry’s music video).

Why Y Tu Mamá También? It’s a classic. Is it a goldie? Kind of. I still remember when my Spanish teacher made us watch it in high school and it was probably one of the most awkward experiences ever – it’s basically watching porn with 20 other people you barely know. Anyway, this Mexican blockbuster was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Oscar back in the day so I opened my mind today and just went for it. And hey, who’d say I’d get introduced to Gael García Bernal’s pubic area! Who’s the real winner here, huh?

Y Tu Mamá También is about Tenoch and Julio, two very good friends who meet an older Spanish lady Luisa at a wedding and, being so immature and hormonal, they try to impress her by inviting her to a beautiful and non-existing secluded beach in Mexico called La Boca del Cielo. When Luisa’s husband admits to cheating on her, she decides to call the boys and accept the invite to the beach, meaning that Tenoch and Julio have to pull together a roadtrip to a beach they made up. The roadtrip doesn’t go as harmoniously as the boys hope as they find out that they have slept with each other’s girlfriends and, eventually, they both get involved with Luisa who is hiding a huge secret as well. This trip changes Tenoch’s and Julio’s friendship forever as they have to figure out what their friendship really means.

First and foremost, this movie is very sexually explicit so if you are planning on watching it with your parents or children, just don’t. And if you’re a high school teacher, please spare the students. The amount of sex can seem exaggerated, but it most certainly makes sense since we are dealing with two teenagers, so I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing. The plot is good and the twist at the end is even better, but what I truly admire about this movie is the performance by the three lead actors. You just feel the energy between Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna that is a real-life off-screen thing, which makes them click perfectly on-screen. The constant happenings between Tenoch, Julio and Luisa make sure that there are no boring moments because there is always a twist to them and, boy this is not a regular teen roadtrip movie! I personally think it’s an iconic movie for Mexican cinema because it crosses some lines that other movies don’t and it’s full of symbolism that, at the time you’re watching it, doesn’t make sense but you get that “AHA” moment later. Y Tu Mamá También was made a year after Gael’s Amores Perros so it was hard to me not to compare because the latter is probably the best Mexican movie of all times and, honestly, they are incomparable – Amores Perros is still 1000 times better although Y Tu Mamá También is a very good movie. Says a lot about Mexican cinema AND Iñárritu.

In order to watch Y Tu Mamá También, you need an open mind because you’ll be exposed to very unorthodox and not-so-Hollywood scenes but you’ll love it. You’ll learn some VERY Mexican Spanish and you’ll see some amazing Mexican landscapes. All in all, it is a good movie that is worth all the hype it is getting and therefore, I will give it four out of five clapperboards.


4 thoughts on “Old But Gold: Y Tu Mamá También

  1. I view this movie differently now as a thirty something than when I first saw it as a curious teenager when it came out. It was promoted as an arthouse, Latino American Pie here in our shores. Naturally, I skipped the dvd for the steamy parts. I re-watched it the other day. It was among top streamed videos. I felt a little ache this second time I am watching this. I saw Luisa as an annoying distraction back then now I realized Luisa was the true star of the movie. Back then, I saw Verdu’s character as a Hispanic Stifler’s mom, a cougar preying on two horny kids. Now I see her as nurturing woman. Between the two boys, I remember Gael getting all the acting raves back then but after all these years it was Diego’s defeated, vulnerable look in the end scene that still gets me. He is no longer the rich, cocky kid who looks down on his middle class friend.
    Side note: Gael will always be the better actor but Diego has that irresistible charm in him you will forgive him for all those hyperactive performances he gives in all his movies. I glad he is moving on from being that “cute Latino” guy to a legitimate box office lead actor.

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    1. Thanks a lot for such a great comment! And thanks for reading 🙂 I couldn’t agree more, and you’re not the only one with that opinion on this movie – I saw it back in high school and I thought that it was all about two sex obsessed teenagers but it’s much more than that. It’s truly one of the best Mexican movies in my opinion. As for Gael and Diego, they are treasures of Mexico and I’ve been following them since forever, so I’m so proud of their respective successes in Hollywood. But it’s funny how, although Gael is a better actor than Diego, Diego got bigger roles in America to begin with. All in all, great movie and great actors – this includes Verdu.


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