Adam’s Apples Review

I have decided to incorporate more Danish and Bosnian movies into this blog that is already full of diversity and foreign films. I must admit that I’m not fond of either Danish or Bosnian cinema in general but, if you try, you’ll find some decent movies. I got a bit nostalgic and rewatched Adam’s Apples which is a movie I know everything about after analyzing it A LOT back in elementary school – and it was even a part of my Danish exam. And yes, I finished elementary school almost nine years ago but real blockbusters are simply unforgettable…

Adam’s Apples – starring Mads Mikkelsen who I L-O-V-E – is about Ivan, a priest known for his apple tree in front of his church. He is also known for being very weird and convinced that he is at war with Satan. Ivan’s clergy houses recent convicts, one of them being Adam who is going to stay for 12 weeks and who promises to break Ivan’s faith. However, Adam sets another personal goal: to bake an apple pie. This goes horribly wrong, as everything goes awry for Adam’s apple tree. Well, I guess you need to watch the movie to understand the funny thing about the whole plot.

I’m not religious whatsoever but I can’t help but love the biblical allegories (starting with the title of the movie) and the very dark humor (long live Danish humor!). Adam’s Apples is about the battle between good and evil since Adam only sees the evil while Ivan only the good – thereby they try to make each other see the world from their own point of view. With this battle between good and evil, Adam’s Apples questions the consequences of the fall of man, while pointing out that both good and evil are constructs of society and dependent on the point of view. On the other hand, making Ivan completely blind to misfortunes in life, the movie illustrates how it is possible to see good in everything and just ignore everything bad.

The characters are so freaking amazing in this movies because we are witnessing impeccable acting from Mads Mikkelsen and Ulrich Thomsen. The rest of the cast members are really great too, and each of them plays an important part in the movie, making them indispensable for this Danish comedy. Adam’s Apples is without doubt my favorite Danish movie because the humor itself is so Danish, and if you happen to be everything but Danish, please have an open mind although you might not get the humor. I promise that Mads Mikkelsen won’t disappoint and that you’ll enjoy the message of this movie. All in all, Adam’s Apples deserves four out of five clapperboards because it’s one of the best movies produced in Denmark that can still be watched and is still funny.


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