Bridget Jones’s Baby Review

I know I’m extremely late with this review but the reason is that, when I saw it the first time, I honestly didn’t feel like reviewing an overly hyped movie (because, obviously, a million of movie blogs already did it) but after rewatching Bridget Jones’s Baby a few days ago, I couldn’t resist. With no prior knowledge of the Bridget Jones movies apart from what my dad told me because he loves them, I accepted my friend’s invite to the premier back in September. And honestly, it had been a while since I had laughed at a movie that much! I am in no way a fan of chick flicks or comedies but Bridget Jones’s Baby appealed to me so much that I’m even considering watching the first two movies. They just don’t include Patrick Dempsey…

Bridget Jones’s Baby starts out with Bridget’s 43rd birthday and dealing with her mom’s pressure to get a baby already. Her friend and co-worker Miranda takes her to a music festival for her birthday where she meets the love guru Jack Qwant with whom she gets a bit too cozy after a drunk night at an Ed Sheeran concert. When she returns home to London, she bumps into her ex Mark Darcy who recently divorced his wife Camilla, and the two of them sleep together. After she starts gaining weight, Miranda suggests that Bridget might be pregnant, especially after realizing that she’s been using expired condoms when having sex. Since she’s had intercourse with both Jack and Mark, Bridget doesn’t know who the father of her baby is and, when she tells both of them, it turns into a love triangle and a competition between Jack and Mark. As Mark and Jack are two completely different personalities, the competition gets very funny and cute at the same time.

I must admit that I laughed out loud in the cinema during various scenes and I am very pleasantly surprised by this movie. Believe me, I wouldn’t have rewatched it if it were bad because I truly avoid watching chick flicks. Bridget Jones’s Baby is full of references we can relate to, funny lines, and an awesome soundtrack – but most importantly, it’s a movie that you just know will have a happy ending so you might just sit back and enjoy the ride. And I love that the movie keeps you guessing who the father might be as it’s never completely clear until the very last scene of the movie. And both Jack and Mark are so great that you want both of them to be the father.

Let’s talk about Renee Zellweger who, since the first two Bridget Jones movies, has committed the biggest crime amongst female personalities in Hollywood; ageing. And God knows that she has been a victim of criticism and gross comments. But holy smokes, she is so extremely cute, especially with her British accent. And she looks ten times better than in the previous movies! Anyway, what a shallow talk – Renee has charisma, quirkiness and her portrayal of Bridget Jones is so great that it makes me want to change my accent to British as well. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. But I think I got a new girl crush. Patrick Dempsey is very easy on the eyes and, as I have never seen Grey’s Anatomy, I had no idea how good he was. McDreamy is just that: dreamy. Despite Patrick’s handsomeness and the big charming smile, Colin Firth’s character is definitely much more likeable. Remember that this was literally the first time ever I was introduced to Mark Darcy, so I had no idea what to expect, but his character is so English, so deep, and so humble.

This great comedy deserves five out of five clapperboards because it is simply enjoyable and actually FUNNY – an element MANY (I can’t stress this enough) so-called “comedies” lack nowadays. As I mentioned in previous posts, every comedy today is full of awkward and exaggerated sexual content, whereas Bridget Jones’s Baby has just enough without going overboard. So given that I really dislike comedies, I’m very pleasantly surprised by this movie that just has everything it needs. I just might have wanted to see more of Hugh Grant, but oh well…


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