Reviewing The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Last night I found out that there is a new movie called The Autopsy of Jane Doe and, call me a freak, but I love autopsies. Okay, when I put it like that, I see why you *would* call me a freak. What I meant to say is that I believe that, in my previous life, I was a mix of Sherlock Holmes and Lt. Joe Kenda as I love everything that has to do with homicide investigations and forensics. Anyway, when I read about this movie and saw that it has a decent 7.0 rating on IMDb, I had to watch it because 90% of today’s so-called “horror movies” rarely reach more than a 6+ rating. I was sure that The Autopsy of Jane Doe wouldn’t be *so* scary because, after watching a dozen of medical series, seeing blood and people getting cut up doesn’t affect me so much. However, the cutting up is far from the scariest part of this horror movie.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe is about the coroner Tommy Tilden and his son and assistant Austin Tilden who are asked to determine the cause of death of a young woman who couldn’t be identified as she has no documents or fingerprint records. The woman they call Jane Doe was found buried in a basement and doesn’t appear to have one scratch on her body. As Tommy and Austin start examining the body of the beautiful Jane Doe, they begin revealing some disturbing secrets about the girl as well as experiencing strange and utterly petrifying things in the morgue that involve lots of blood, multiple corpses, creepy music, and a tiny bell…

Just as I thought that the genre had completely sold out, I discovered The Autopsy of Jane Doe, which scared the hell out of me in the weirdest ways possible. This movie plays with your imagination, creating an uncomfortable feeling out of the narrative and playing with the light, sound and shadows. In my humble opinion as a horror movie fan, The Autopsy of Jane Doe contains everything a good horror movie should contain; extremely disturbing scenes, great scares (not exaggerated amount of predictable jump scares), and an incredibly unsettling atmosphere – especially using innocent songs. This element is also seen in The Conjuring 2 when Lorraine Warren gets the premonition of Ed’s death, and it’s an element that works so well (at least on me), since something so innocent becomes a sign of evil. In this movie, they gave this element an extra touch at the end where I almost sh*t my pants.

The main characters played by Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch contribute to the scary feelings because they behave just the way everyone else would behave in the extreme situations they are encountered with – unlike the movies where the main characters investigate the horrors or don’t turn on the lights when they actually can! Both Cox and Hirsch play very well and it’s a pleasure just watching them do their job. Taking the above into account, I will rate The Autopsy of Jane Doe with four out of five clapperboards because it’s FINALLY a good and scary horror movie with a new and original story where something happens all the time and, therefore, the pace is on point. The only negative thing I can say about it is that, sometimes, it appears very exaggerated and it is unrealistic unlike many horror movies I’ve seen. Despite these two things, I recommend the horror movie fans to watch this hidden gem because it won’t disappoint!



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