Passengers: The big space movie of 2016

Reviews are in and the opinions vary on all sides of the spectrum. There are particularly two views on the Lawrence/Pratt-team up: A less than impressive out of space movie plus an applauded love story that happens to orb around in space. As a self-proclaimed love-a-holic, guess which side I am leaning towards?


So what is this movie about? I’ll tell you. A spacecraft traveling to a distant planet with thousands of people, who are in induced comas. But the ship has a malfunction, and as a result, a single passenger is awakened 60 years early. Facing a lifetime of growing old alone, he must now decide if he should make up a second passenger.

This year’s big space movie has comprised Hollywood’s two most popular actors right now – Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. Judging by their highly covered press tour alone, the two have amazing chemistry, which they thankfully bring with them into the movie. And as about 85 percent of the movie is centered on the pair, this is vital!

Passengers has in terms of originality hit the head on the nail! Because despite of the amazing chemistry between Hollywood’s most wanted, the movie asks the question of whether a person can survive alone? It taps into our nature as social beings. And even better, it leaves you with the question: could you take another person’s life, so that you won’t feel lonely? Essentially committing murder. Genius, Passengers, genius! And for that, the movie sucks you in and keeps you interested to see how it unfolds.

Following Gravity, Interstellar and The Martian, our interest in space films has only increased. And watching the trailer for Passengers, this film is definitely the big space movie of the year. However, if you are expecting a spacy space movie, I’m sure you’ll be disappointed. The story line is for sure flawed, and the while the movie is happening in space, the focus is on the leading lovebirds, not the malfunctioning spacecraft in outer space. So, while you get to see some amazing scenes out in the universe, this is not a space movie, but rather a movie happening to occur in space. And understandably, this is why people are less than thrilled about this particular space movie.

Ultimately, Passengers has romance, it has drama, is has life-threatening forces staged against our hero and heroine, but will they survive and if they do, will their love? Ohh, the suspense. So are you into love and romance, this is the movie for you. But is space, black holes and the whole universe your thing, I think you should skip this year’s (read: 2016) big space movie. All in all, 4 out of 5 from me.


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