Reviewing Nightcrawler

Today is such a great day! I get to review two movies with great storylines and incredible acting – and boy, do I love a good performance. Three years ago, when Nightcrawler was filmed, I saw photos of Jake Gyllenhaal in character daily and I always figured that it would be a bad movie (no idea why – I’m horrible) but, thankfully, I was told to watch this thriller ASAP so I did, though skeptically. For some reason, the movies I expect to be bad and they turn out to be mind blowing, are the best. And that’s exactly what Nightcrawler is: MIND BLOWING.

Nightcrawler is a thriller about Louis Bloom, a young man desperate for a job who comes across an accident being filmed by independent news photographers. As he starts doing the same thing, he finally finds something that he might be good at, which leads him to Nina Romina who is responsible for the TV news of a television station. Louis hires the homeless Rick to help him and they start selling their footages to the aforementioned TV station. Since Louis is a sociopath, for him, gore means a better payment for his footage, so he starts interfering in crime scenes in order to get good footages. And believe me, he takes it to a whole other level.

I promise you that Nightcrawler will take you by surprise and it really toys with the exploration of journalistic ethics and the manipulation of television news, which is ever-present. We also witness a lot of realistic crime scenes, as Nightcrawler details the scenes with an incredible eye for realism – something many directors usually avoid in crime scenes. And worst of all, you’ll end up with a slight feeling of guilt and so much anger after watching this movie, which does not mean it is bad! Au contraire! When a movie manages to awake strong feelings, it means it’s good! And if you decide to watch it, get ready for an emotional roller coaster from minute 1 to the very last second. And hey, let’s talk Jake Gyllenhaal as Louis, shall we? Because that’s true art on so many levels… And why didn’t anyone tell me that Jake Gyllenhaal is one of my favorites? I feel that I just discovered that.

I think that Louis Bloom is probably the most unlikable and unsympathetic character in the history of movies. Actually, you will keep switching form liking him to hating his guts because he truly is a sociopath with no emotions nor any kind of remorse. But there were times where I couldn’t help but think “aaaww, he is cute” but seconds later I started despising him. Now, THAT’S acting! As for Jake’s creepy looks, the nighttime lighting constantly accentuates his skeletal, eye bulging look that makes him look even emptier and scarier. Louis Bloom has the true personality of a psychotic villain and, by the huge enthusiasm he showcases to people around him, you might not know that he is a total chaos inside. Besides, Nightcrawler absorbs you into the characters so it is impossible not to make the anger towards Louis personal.

The story of Nightcrawler leads its character to a moral about how much he is taking his job too far, which ends up destroying his humanity (not that he cares, though). The movie is original and it makes an open commentary about an important aspect of society – it is full of danger and illegality. If you enjoy thrillers, Nightcrawler is most definitely for you because it offers great and credible acting, it has a thought provoking storyline, and its narrative is cruelly gripping. All in all, this fantastic movie deserves 5 out of 5 clapperboards and I’m only hoping that we will get to see many more thrillers of this quality in the future.


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