Gone Girl Review (spoiler alert)

After watching two great mystery/crime dramas, I was convinced that there are no bad crime movies but after watching Gone Girl I was proven wrong. Despite its 8.1 rating on IMDb, I absolutely hated the movie – it made me angry and, even writing this, I feel utterly annoyed because the movie is so pointless and has the lamest plot in the universe. The only thing I’ve learnt from this movie is to never trust IMDb ratings again.

Gone Girl is about Nick and Amy, a couple living in Missouri who seem to have some marital problems and who genuinely dislike each other. On their fifth anniversary, Amy goes missing and Nick becomes the prime suspect, as his behavior is strange and he doesn’t seem to show any emotions. As the case turns into a media circus, people start hating Nick  who is trying to convince the media that he did not kill his now famous wife whom he already dislikes.

The first 30 minutes are okay – you get introduced to Nick and Amy though Amy’s diary and you see a couple in love who share the same interests and have a lot of sex. However, after the disappearance of Amy, you also witness that Nick doesn’t show any concern, which makes it mysterious and you start thinking that he might have something to do with the disappearance. But on the other hand, you also see that he has an alibi. I personally loved it because I was sure that something huge would happen and there would be an awesome twist. Well, actually there is a twist – Amy created the crime scene herself, making the police believe that Nick killed her so that he would get a death sentence. I guess that divorces are overrated nowadays… And hey, the story gets more and more idiotic because the psychotic Amy finds her ex boyfriend and cuts his throat after making it look like he raped her. Because why not. She loves playing the victim and she is in love with the media attention she is getting. I can’t even describe the stupidity she goes through, from shoving a champagne bottle into her vagina to coming back to Nick and telling him that she is pregnant with his baby.

So if Amy is already a murderer, why doesn’t she just kill Nick instead of going through all the trouble so that he gets a death penalty? The ending of the movie is a farce and you end up asking yourself why on Earth you just spent 2h30m watching this utter trash. Nothing is shocking, the characters of Greta and Desi are pointless and unnecessary, the plot sucks, and the only unexpected thing about the movie is its poor quality. The acting is average at best – Ben Affleck plays the same way he does in The Accountant and Rosamund Pike’s performance is far from Oscar worthy. She made me extremely angry – and not in a good way. You have some characters that make you angry but you admire the actor’s performance. Oh and, Emily Ratajkowski gets yet another opportunity to show her boobs – says enough about the movie itself. I feel that I see Emily’s boobs more often than I see my own.

If you feel like wasting two hours and 30 minutes on nothing but average acting, stupid storyline and a huge disappointment to the genre, please do watch Gone Girl. This movie is a real proof of typical Hollywood hype, which led to an Oscar nomination – and God knows that I love Hollywood a lot but sometimes, the only thing you can admire is the publicity. So hurray for the PR team behind Gone Girl and its crew but it’s 1 out of 5 clapperboards from me!


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