Oscars Countdown: La La Land

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are bringing back the old-school musical genre in their third movie collaboration La La Land. Two months following its release, the film is greatly considered a modern cinematic masterpiece, but I would actually like to oppose that.

Breaking it down: In the city of angels, a jazz pianist falls for an aspiring actress. But chasing your dreams while staying together proves challenging in a city known for crushing hope and breaking hearts. This story unfolds in song, dance and with the question of compromise hanging in the air.


This film has received no less than 14 Oscar nominations – tying with Titanic for most nominations – while most importantly being up for Best Picture. Being a true fan of the on-screen movie-couple since 2011 (Remember Crazy, Stupid, Love?), I would love love love to get behind each nomination, but unfortunately I can’t. This movie simply does not level with Titanic. And for all you screaming at the screen while reading this, let me break it down for you:

Starting with the storyline of boy meets girl, it is a story that have been told time and time again. It is the foundation for any good love story, and as so, the storyline itself is not bad. It’s the real story of living for your passion in Hollywood while fighting for your relationship. But, and this is a big but, the story is told so real that it gets very dull. Not half way through the film, I was waiting for it to be done, because I already knew the ohh, so well-known storyline. Song and dance didn’t bring this foreseeable story up to a level that gives you 14 nominations.

And speaking of song and dance, this was quite insignificant. The music was – just as the story told- dreary. I only actually remember one musical number and that is because it was paying over and over and over and over and over again. I get it, John Legend wrote some greate music for that number, but I most definably don’t have to hear it a thousand times. Ultimately, making this film a musical didn’t work for me. As in at all!

However, at least our leading lady and gentleman brought their A-game. Each are amazing performers and together they just make us fall in love. Or at least make me fall in love. They play the roles to perfection and they hit the head of the nail in the ending. While I won’t spill what happens, I will say that the ending made the movie. Without that ending, the film wouldn’t be as hyped as it is. So, Mr. Chazelle, at least your nailed  that.


In the end, I want to give the film three out of five clipboards. I really did want to love the film, because of its cast, plot, genre and everything in between. Because La La Land simply screams my name. But I found it to be a bit bla.


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