Oscars Countdown: Lion

I came home from the movies after watching Lion and, as soon as I came home, I convinced my parents to watch it immediately. And when it’s a good movie, I don’t mind watching it five times if necessary. Today I’m gonna tell you about our second Oscar nominee Lion which is, in fact, a story of a true lion whose roar is and will be heard very loudly for a very long time. When the movie ended, I couldn’t help but feel frustration and a tiny bit of anger that a movie like La La Land has won so many awards and has 14 Oscar nominations – La La Land is a decent movie with a cute story and a preeeeetty cute amount of hype which, in my opinion, overshadows movies like Lion.

Lion is a true story about the Indian boy Saroo who finds himself alone and trapped in a moving train that takes him to Calcutta – 1500 miles away from his village. Saroo struggles to survive as a street child until he is sent to an orphanage where he finally meets a lady who tells him that an Australian family wants to adopt him. 25 years later, Saroo starts remembering his time in India and he finds himself urging for some closure, as he feels guilty because his mom and brother have been looking for him for so long. With help from his friends and Google Earth, Saroo decides to find the train station where he took the train that took him to Calcutta and that way, he will be able to find the way to his village ‘Ganestalay’ where he hopes to find his biological family.

OH MY GOD, I was weeping like crazy in the cinema. At some point, it was even embarrassing – but worth it! Movies like this one makes me realize why I love this art so much. It knows how to get to our hearts in the most intense ways possible – so much that, although I have never been a street child and I’ve never been anywhere close to India, I could relate to the story on different levels. Lion is an amazing movie that, despite the gruesome scenes showing what orphans are going through in the orphanages (or in the streets of Calcutta), shows that humanity is above all and it gives me hope and so much love for people. As you can probably imagine, Lion is a genuinely sad movie with heartbreaking scenes that will make sure that your mascara is all over your face, but it also show some positive sides of Saroo’s devastating story.

Now to my favorite part: the cast. Sunny Pawar is this year’s Jacob Tremblay – future heartbreaker with an enormous talent both for acting and for owning the red carpet at such a young age. I can’t wait to see Sunny in more movies! Dev Patel was great as usual and, so far, I’m rooting for him at this year’s Oscars. It’s incredible to see how much Dev has matured his Slumdog Millionaire, as this is the first time I’ve seen him give such a powerful performance as grown-up Saroo. Lastly, Nicole Kidman is just Nicole Kidman – wonderful. She has very few scenes but we still witness a heartfelt performance because her emotions are truly captured on the big screen.

What I really love about the movie is the end where we are told why the movie is called Lion – such a beautiful twist. Remember, this is a true story about a street child who was lost for decades and, unfortunately, he is only one of 80,000 children who disappear in India, and that is why this Lion‘s roar needs to be as loud as it can be. This movie is now collaborating with organizations working on the ground to protect children in India and around the world, and we can all help by visiting www.lionmovie.com. I don’t need to say that Lion will get 5 out of 5 clapperboards from me and hopefully a couple of Oscars from the Academy.


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