Gran Hotel Review

Hello everyone.

After almost A YEAR, I’m finally back on track. Since February 2017, I’ve watched a gazillion movies and even more series, and I might as well warn you; you’ll now be bombarded with all kinds of movies and series from different countries. Remember, I love foreign movies, especially the ones that contain a few hijo de puta”‘s and “te quiero”s every once in a while. Therefore, I’ll make a blogging comeback with a Spanish masterpiece Gran Hotel.


Gran Hotel is a 3-season series set in the 1900’s about the young Julio Olmedo whose sister Cristina works at the prestigious (and the first one to get electricity in whole Spain) hotel. Since Cristina stops sending Julio letters, the young man decides to travel to the Santander area where the hotel is located, to find his sister. However, the staff at the hotel claims that she was fired but Julio begs to differ when he finds evidence of something much, much worse… I wish I could keep writing about this but I don’t wanna spoil it because it’s simply a fantastic series and each season deals with a different issue. The ones who are familiar with Spanish cinema will see familiar faces such as Adriana Ozores who had an important role in Los Hombres de Paco, Yon González from El internado, and a couple of actors from Netflix’s Velvet Colección.


Let me repeat – Gran Hotel is a masterpiece on such a level that my parents finished the entire series in TWO WEEKS. It’s 78 episodes of 45 min. Apart from the brilliant cast, the combination of the genres is impeccable – we have comedy, we have a lot of drama and, what I love the most, mystery. A few characters were even based on the character from one of Agatha Christie’s novels, and since the series is set in the early 1900’s, Agatha Christie even makes an appearance at the hotel where she meets the character that she is so inspired by that she writes a novel about him. I don’t know how understandable that was but I assure you that I L.O.V.E a good crossover.


Apart from the actual issues and mysteries that are the focal point of the entire series, we witness issues like women’s rights in Spain in 1905, the difference in classes (and yes yes, there are clichés, but they’re hard to avoid!), the things you do to maintain a certain reputation, the development of technology, mainly in forensics and investigation, and how your mom gets to decide who you marry… Gran Hotel has it all. I honestly don’t know how many people I’ve recommended this series to and I won’t stop. Apart from the beautiful language, it contains beautiful people, a good story, and a bunch of shocking moments that will leave you wanting more. It’s a quality series that has reached worldwide success and, with an 8.1 IMDb rating, I can only suggest you check it out and see why. It’s a big 5 out of 5 clapperboards.


One thought on “Gran Hotel Review

  1. I love this series so much!! It has everything, romance, mystery, drama, murder, comedy. The actors are all so good and I love the different characters. Yon Gonzalez is amazing as Julio and I have gone on to watch him in Las Chicas Del Cable and El Internado. Thanks for featuring this great series on your blog.


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