Abzurdah Review

Hola amigos!

Today’s movie is very unknown (at least to the majority of you) and it’s the first Argentinian movie I’ve watched despite my great fondness of Latin American cinema. I found Abzurdah on Netflix and I decided to give it a go as its description sounded interesting.

This Argentinian movie from 2015 is about Cielo who grows up in a high class home with parents who don’t really pay much attention to her life. Due to the loneliness she feels in the shallow life she is a part of, Cielo spends a lot of time online chatting with strangers and telling them about her problems. When she meets the guy she had been chatting with, it turns out he is much older than her – which doesn’t stop them from hooking up. The more time Cielo and her new boyfriend Alejo spend together, the more obsessive she becomes, which makes Alejo leave her. However, Cielo can’t take no for an answer and she keeps tracking him down. With time, Cielo develops the idea that everything will be normal again and her life will be perfect – if she starves herself.

Abzurdah is a fine movie with a true story about an issue that is more common than people realize, which makes a movie more interesting – at least for me. In my case, when I can relate to a movie or recognize myself in some elements, I’m more hooked. However, it’s more than clear that Abzurdah isn’t exactly a high quality movie. Eugenia Suárez does an okay job in the role of Cielo, whereas Esteban Lamothe’s portrayal of Alejo is a bit meh in my opinion. Since Abzurdah is based on the real Cielo Latini’s autobiographical novel of the same name, maybe it is necessary to read it in order to understand the characters better. On screen they didn’t seem too convincing and not very deep.

Although I find the theme of the movie quite interesting, it is not a unique plot since eating disorders have been addressed in many newer movies (which I support 100%). There are too many unnecessary sex scenes where nothing really happens, the dialogues are superficial, and the characters are forgettable. However, I will rate it with a 3 out of 5 because Abzurdah is an okay movie if you lower your expectations and you want yet another eating disorder story. Nonetheless, it’s much better than Lily Collin’s To the Bone, which I will review some time soon.

Ps. The trailer is in Spanish but if you have Netflix, you can find it with subtitles.


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