Gerald’s Game Review

As a big horror movie enthusiast and with no prior knowledge of Gerald’s Game as I never read the book, I had high hopes for this movie after reading about the plot. A couple gets kinky in bed, the woman is tied up and, all of a sudden, her husband dies. I know it doesn’t sound scary when I put it like that but imagine yourself in that situation – you’re far away from civilization, you’re tied up and there’s a body next to you. Just the thought makes me wanna scream in agony. So in my head, this movie had huge potential.

As I already made clear, I didn’t even know that Stephen King had a book called Gerald’s Game so I had no expectations apart from the ones I built in my head. King is the brain behind one of my favorite movies; The Green Mile and, although I have never been a fan of it, It has done pretty well in the horror movie universe – at least the original version. Therefore, I thought that spending almost two hours watching Gerald’s Game on Netflix was a pretty good idea. I was wrong. First, let me introduce you to the plot and then you can tell me whether I’m crazy for not liking this movie.

Gerald’s Game is about a married couple that goes to a house out of town to try and rediscover the spark in their relationship and what could possibly be better than handcuffs? So Mr. Geralds who, judging by his preferences in bed, is a poor man’s Mr. Grey, ties up his wife Jessie for a little game that Jessie isn’t fond of. Still tied up, Jessie starts arguing with Gerald who gets a heart attack and dies. And the rest of the movie is just a waste of energy, and I blame Mike Flanagan and co. who could’ve produced a MUCH better “horror movie”. Jessie starts hallucinating and she sees two or three Geralds in her room plus another version of herself. This version of Jessie reminds her of her childhood which was full of sexual assaults from her dad whom she promised she would never tell anyone about his disgusting behavior.

Maybe it’s because I had no clue about the book Gerald’s Game is based on, but when the movie turned out to be about incest I was surprised. I consider myself an intelligent human being who loves messed up and dark movies and who loves symbolism but I did not foresee or understand any elements of Gerald’s Game. At one point, there is a big creature called Moonlight Man that Jessie sees in her room and he turns out to be real and, in a normal world, that could be a great representation of her dad (maybe it is?) but it turned out that this ‘creature’ was a person who ended up in court. Whatever the story of the movie was supposed to be, it should have been made more clear. I have no idea how the book is but, for the sake of everyone who has read it or will read it, I hope it’s better than the movie.

The movie was slow, the suspense was minimal due to the lack of strategically placed music and sounds, the script was weak and the acting was merely ok. I do understand that the whole point of the movie was to show us the silent suffering of a victim of sexual abuse but that’s a subject where the producers could have used the scariest effects in the world that would give the viewers the worst nightmares because, let’s be honest – sexual abuse is TRUE horror. Sorry Netflix, it’s one of your weakest productions and, therefore, the grade will be minimal.


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