Wonder Review

Hello everyone and Happy Golden Globes Day! It’s personally one of my favorite days of the year and I decided to kick it off with a movie which, to my disappointment, didn’t land any nominations. Ever since Jacob Tremblay showed us his true talent in Room  back in 2016 (remember how much I loved that movie?), I’ve been 100% convinced that this little fella has a bright future ahead of him in Hollywood. And as a huge lover of good acting, I had to give his new movie Wonder a go where he is starring alongside Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson.


Today’s movie is Wonder; a tearjerking and heartwarming story of August Pullman who was born with facial differences and who is to start going to a regular school after previously being home schooled by his mom. Auggie faces horrible challenges there as he is being bullied, laughed at, and treated differently. However, it turns out that his new school has some nice kids too, a comforting and understanding principal, and even better teachers. The movie tells Auggie’s story and his challenges during his first year at the new school but we are also introduced to the stories of his sister Via as well as other characters, which reminds us not to judge people based on how their lives seem. Or how they look. We are introduced to the same story with different perspectives, which is one of the best things about Wonder. Via is a big part of the movie since she is the big sister who is being overshadowed by her brother, and nobody really knows about the struggles she is going through – alone. But each person’s story shows us how much Auggie has impacted their lives and how loved he is despite being bullied at school.


Wonder is a great movie. You can’t help but foresee what happens because it’s pretty much a cliché (and unfortunately, the reality) that “different” kids get bullied. However, although we’ve seen that scenario before, this movie WILL make you cry. When you look at Auggie and his sad eyes while he says “You just have to say that because you’re my mom” when his mom tells him he is beautiful, you just wanna grab him and hug him super tight. The acting is very sincere from everyone in the movie. I would have preferred a bit more of Owen Wilson but he managed to make us laugh several time despite his relatively short screen time. Julia Roberts does a great job portraying a strong and brave mom who has to put her life on hold and dedicate herself to raising a child with such differences.


I wonder if you’ll get through this movie without shedding a tear. It’s not that you’ll be on the floor sobbing but it will most definitely push some buttons that will make you cry and, the best part is that there will also be happy tears. All in all, it’s a feel-good movie with a wonderful message that EVERYONE needs to preach every single day. Being kind gets you a long way and you will see that in this movie. Wonder is WONDERful and, if you need a movie with a few cliché lines (such as “how are you supposed to blend in if you were born to stand out?” (Pinterest alert)) that will make you feel good and help you regain a tiny bit of faith in humanity, I’d definitely recommend Wonder. It’s a good story, great cast, and a fantastic message. Top rating from me.


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