I Feel Pretty Review

Hello, movie-loving world. I’m back. After almost A YEAR with no posts, I’m ready to rock and roll again.

On the 12-hour flight to Los Angeles, I decided to watch a movie. And I rarely watch movies during a flight. But I thought ‘Why not?’. My inner feminist and body positivist talked to me and made me choose I Feel Pretty despite the fact that I find Amy Schumer painfully unfunny. But hey, maybe she would finally prove me wrong.

I Feel Pretty is about Renee who deals with low self-esteem and insecurity issues every single day, which (understandably so) holds her back from living her life to the fullest. After a failed spinning class at SoulCycle, Renee wakes up feeling empowered, beautiful, and nothing can ever hold her back anymore. As a result of her new self-confidence and self-love, she lands a better job, a boyfriend, and even an admirer. Renee’s new life is close to perfect and she is simply unstoppable.

Ouch, a cliché! Once you love yourself and have self confidence, everything will work out for you. We’ve heard it close to a million times before (hint: Shallow Hal) but I guess it’s nice to be reminded. Again. I personally love the whole empowerment message behind the movie but, unfortunately, I couldn’t help but cringe at self-confident Renee’s remarks throughout the movie, and I remember repeating “so delusional” in my head. I bet the passengers on my flight could see me roll my eyes every minute. I get the point behind self-confident Renee being empowered and loving herself but there’s a dangerously fine line between self confidence and delusion. Seriously, she’s staring in a mirror while having sex. I don’t even think Cristiano Ronaldo does that.

As for Amy Schumer, she is still unfunny and replaceable. Every single cast member did a better job than her in I Feel Pretty. Luckily, Amy didn’t write the movie, which is predictable and pretty average, so I can’t blame her for the cheesy lines and cringeworthy scenes. The whole idea is great but failed miserably. You don’t get self-confidence after a head injury – it’s something you actively work on.

I must say that I am disappointed because I had another idea of this movie when it was being promoted, as I imagined it would tell a story of a girl who doesn’t fit into society’s beauty perceptions but she’s happy about herself regardless of that. However, we got something entirely different. Comedy movies simply aren’t a thing anymore and I Feel Pretty proved that. Not a good movie. Go watch Jumanji instead and have a good laugh.


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