Johnny English Strikes Again Review

A couple of weeks ago, in the I Feel Pretty review, I claimed that comedy movies are passé, and, just like horror movies, there are more failures than successes (stay tuned, a review on The Nun is coming up soon, by the way!). When I wrote that, I thought a bit about it and couldn’t help but think how much I loved the first Johnny English movie back in 2003. So, naturally, 15 years later, I had to go see Johnny English Strikes Again, even though the sequel Johnny English Reborn was quite forgettable. But hey, if someone were to prove me wrong about comedy movies, it could only be Rowan Atkinson, right?

In the third Johnny English movie, English is the Secret Service’s last hope to defeat a cyber-attacker who is causing major mayhem in London. Although he was already retired, English goes into action to stop the cyber-attacker, and it turns out that it requires excellent technological skills to make the new mission a success.

I have been trying to be more specific about the plot summary but I failed because it’s simply bad, exhausting, and seen before. Rowan Atkinson himself is a genius and I don’t think I have to elaborate on that – he is comedy and he is one of a kind. However, his every move and gesture in this Johnny English movie were painfully predictable and something we have seen before in the previous Johnny English movies as well as the classic Bean movie from 1997. This movie is unfunny and weak – the only scene where I genuinely laughed (and didn’t just laugh along the crowd in the movies) was the disco dancing scene.

As a big fan of the first Johnny English movie that included stars like John Malkovich and Natalie Imbruglia AND a good storyline, my expectations were sky high. But then again, joke’s on me – recent comedy movies have been embarrassing. I left the movies disappointed and with a feeling that I wasted time on a short and empty movie. The latter is mainly caused by a very weak script.

I am aware that people have been rating Johnny English Strikes Again with top grades but, if you decide to see is and expect it to blow your mind, you should lower the expectations since you’ll get as disappointed as I. If you want to see Rowan Atkinson don his inner James Bond, watch the original Johnny English and I promise you you’ll see a hilarious comedy movie.


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