Creed II Review

As someone who has never seen the Rocky movies until Creed, I have to say that I was quite impressed by the story about Apollo Creed’s son who becomes Rocky Balboa’s star. I’m not THAT uncultured, so I know that Apollo Creed was Rocky’s rival (right?), which made the story of the Creed movies even more interesting. I have always been fond of boxing but have found boxing movies so exhaustingly cliché – apart from Million Dollar Baby, which is hell of a movie. As for Creed, when I saw the original movie, I was actually happy that they were making a sequel.

Creed II is about Adonis Creed’s heavyweight champion life. He has just been challenged by Ivan Dragos’ son (I’m sure it will ring a bell with Rocky fans) Viktor who comes to USA to fight him. As some of you know, Ivan Drago killed Adonis’s father Apollo in the ring back in 1985, which gives Adonis an additional reason to accept the challenge. Not only does Viktor beat him – he destroys him in the ring, which leads to Adonis’s hospitalization and determination to get a rematch.

I personally love crossovers, so this story hits the right buttons for sure. I love the many references to the Rocky movies and how they’re brought into and told in the Creed movies. However, I must admit that the first one was much superior. Creed II is very predictable and, prior to the first fight with Drago, I knew exactly what would happen in the rest of the movie. Adonis’s emotional development since the first movie is laughable, as he has turned insecure, bratty, and selfish, which is a shame. I feel that there is a much more interesting story behind Viktor Drago and his father and I would have loved to see more.

Michael B. Jordan is talented and it shows! I love his acting and he still seems so perfect for the role. As for Sylvester Stallone, I can’t say anything bad about him. He is simply awesome and I don’t think it needs further elaboration.

Let me underline that Creed II is a good movie. It has its flaws but overall, I was impressed with the story, the acting was excellent, and despite the predictability, the fights are interesting to watch. However, I’d want a boxing match to end in a draw from time to time. The deep motives of the two boxers are very touching, making you feel sorry for Viktor Drago at one point during his journey against Creed.


If you love good movies, good stories, and Sylvester Stallone, you should definitely watch Creed II – but not before you see the first one! I personally don’t like the lack of the Drago background, the lack of real Drago v. Rocky confrontation, and Adonis’s obsession, but if you give it the benefit of the doubt, Creed II will impress you.


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