A Star Is Born Review

Okay, I know you’ll crucify me when you read this review as I consider this acclaimed movie a true example of Hollywood hype. As I mentioned in the Bird Box review, I think the majority of the world was shocked when Nicole Kidman didn’t read ‘A Star Is Born‘ when she was handing the Golden Globe for best drama. Thank God that she didn’t. Ahead of watching A Star Is Born, I was super excited and had sky high expectations because the entire world couldn’t possibly be wrong about a 8.1 rated movie. Naïve me. I fell into the same trap with La La Land. And as someone who reads every single trade, celebrity news websites, and follow important movie people on social media, I should know that people pay a lot of money to get their movie promoted during award season.


A Star Is Born is about a struggling singer Ally who accidentally meets Jack, a famous musician who struggles with alcohol and drug abuse. He discovers Ally’s talent and gives her a chance on his own stage, which leads to great opportunities for her. As their relationship develops, Jack’s problems with alcohol escalate, while Ally tries to balance between her new fame and the life with an alcoholic, and it turns out to be harder than you’d think.


While the idea behind the story is great, it was so. damn. long. I was bored to death with the million songs and musical performances throughout the movie. And if you’re thinking “but Bohemian Rhapsody had more music in it and you loved it!”, let me just stop you right there. I don’t even need to elaborate. Ally’s performances were life sucking and, frankly, ‘Shallow’ is an okay song, I totally get the hype about that. I also failed to understand how Bradley Cooper managed to make a 2-hour-film so predictable and forgettable. Maybe the previous 73 remakes of A Star Is Born are better, I don’t know. This one fails to show the love story it is supposed to be.


Lady Gaga is not all that. She is an amazing performer and I’ll never question her singing qualities but she’s not much better than any other average actress in Hollywood. Bradley Cooper, however, is the highlight of the movie. His acting is perfect and he is truly convincing as an alcoholic. I think we can all agree that Bradley doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone – he is already an A-list actor. Sam Elliot is a standout as well and it’s obvious that he is experienced.


After A Star Is Born‘s surprising flop at the Golden Globes, people were pretty upset that Bohemian Rhapsody was named the best drama, so they claimed that A Star Is Born didn’t win a Golden Globe because it’s ‘more of an Oscar movie’. I can’t help but wonder what movie they saw? Although we don’t know the Oscar nominees yet, we know for sure that A Star Is Born will be among them and I am almost 100% sure that the results will be pretty similar to the Globes. In my opinion, This movie is far from a good movie – yet another example of hype and strong Oscar campaigning that lead to disappointment.


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